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"My passion is working with metal and glass, melding their ‘lives’ like the relationship between two old friends.  Glass – vibrant and fragile, can be cut into designs or combined with other colors to create subtle or dramatic effects.  On the other hand, metal is solid, powerful, and masculine.  It can be bent, forged, and welded to make graceful, flowing objects.  It seems natural that the two go together.  Each brings its own personality, character and beauty.  Together, a synergistic union emerges, a result that neither, alone, could have produced.  The differences energize and ignite.  Each part is transformed because of the other.  Ultimately, the relationship between the two becomes so interwoven that you can’t imagine one without the other.  The greatest thrill to me is when others also enjoy the ‘relationship’ that I’ve created, and my growth as an artist will come as I continue to explore new ways to express that relationship."