Galleries: Where to Find Kathy’s Work

Kathy is proud to make her work available in several Michigan galleries, each of which markets to a loyal and discerning audience. Be sure to visit any of the following.

Suttons Bay, MI – The Painted Bird is a gallery of contemporary American crafts in Suttons Bay, Michigan in the beautiful Leelanau County.

“Kathy Kreager brought her beautiful metal sculpture to show at The Painted Bird in 2007. Her luminous work has intrigued and captivated our customers who continue to love it and look for what is new. Using recycled steel elements, she incorporates glass and translucent, colored resins to add color and transparency to her sculpture. The mixed textures fascinate – old steel parts are brought to a new life when finished and combined with brilliant colors. Hard steel is artfully worked, to represent soft blades of beach glass, or a little girl’s curls… pine boughs, flower petals, arching leaves, or the tail of a prancing horse. Kathy’s subject matter is delightful too: nature itself, from softly rendered landscapes in glass and clear resin… to birds, plants and whimsical human characters. There is warmth and charm in them all.”

Douglas, MI – Button Gallery represents artists recognized on both the regional and national levels.